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Your Insulated Consevatory Ceiling

A conservatory makes a wonderful addition to the home, and allows you to enjoy the outdoors while staying indoors. But their standard polycarbonate or glass roof means that they are either too hot or bright in the summer and too cold in the winter for every-day use. We have come up with an efficient and cost-effective solution. We will install a fully insulated panelled ceiling inside your existing conservatory, which will significantly reduce these seasonal temperature fluctuations. Then you can make the most of your conservatory whenever you like.

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• Your conservatory will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter, because of the thermal insulation we use to line the ceiling.


• Overall, you get a far more consistent and pleasant room temperature.


• You save money on fuel costs because expensive heat is no longer pouring out through the roof.


• Your conservatory turns into a favourite and practical living space all year



• You’ll never again suffer from glare in your conservatory when the sun is out.


• The noise of rain, sleet and outside factors like aeroplanes will be heavily



• Your furnishings and upholstery will be far less likely to fade.

Step by Step of The Insulation Process

Original Roof


Polycarbonate a little unattractive, not ageing particularly well, moss & bird stains always visible, massive temperature fluctuation and noisy when it rains.

STEP 1 - Cross Ventilation


Ventilation holes are drilled into the existing ring beam at an angle that will allow ventilation but not water ingress

STEP 2 - New Internal Roof


Inside of roof is strapped with pressure treated timber battens. Cross ventilation introduced to existing roof panels to ensure desired performance rating and eliminate the effects of condensation. Your existing roof stays in place

STEP 4 - A Second Treated Timber Substructure Is Installed


A second timber structure provides cross ventilation as well as giving solid securing for the ceiling finish, whether this be beautifully attractive and maintenance free Upvc cladding or a plastered finish.

STEP 5 - New Internal INSULATED CLADDING Ceiling


Attractive insulated UPVC shiplap cladding is applied to achieve a bright, airy finish to your new ceiling. You can choose a white finish or Light Oak as an optional upgrade. The result, a beautiful new vaulted ceiling, creating a permanent extension or Sun Room to your home, reclaiming that additional living space and less expensive than conservatory roof blinds to install and dramatically more effective.

STEP 3 - Super Insulated Quilt Installation


The entire roof in sulated with a 19 layer bespoke insulation quilt. Incredibly leightweight and thermally efficient material, the quilt reflects heat back into your room.

The end result is a room you can use comfortably all year round. Cool in Summer and Warm in Winter.

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For More Examples Of Some Of Our Completed Insulated Conservatories, Click Here

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